Monday, June 04, 2007

Just Being Lazy

It's been almost two weeks since my last post, and I have to still bring myself to write this one. I must have caught the thing called "laziness", or the warmer weather is just making me want to lay back and do nothing at all. Other than a short trip to San Diego (Sea World and San Diego Zoo) over the Memorial weekend, which Connor enjoyed tremendously, nothing much is happening. Knitting is going slowly. I haven't reduced my WIP pile, and I managed to add another one. I have been working on Bonsai Tunic, from IK spring issue, for a few days now. The back piece is finished, and I have just cast on for the front piece. It's easy knitting so far, although the yarn is a bit annoying. It's very twisty, and keeps tangling up all by themselves.

已經快兩個星期沒發文了, 今天這篇居然還是覺得有點懶得寫. 我一定是得了懶病, 要不就是這天氣令人覺得懶洋洋地, 什麼都不想做. 上星期的四天週末假日帶兒子去了聖地牙哥(海洋世界和聖地牙哥動物園), 卡比玩的很開心, 我們可是累慘了. 其他也沒做什麼... 懶嘛! 手邊已有三個未成品, 嘻嘻... 我又開始了另一個project - 是Interweave Knits春季版裡的一件背心. 後片已經織好, 今天剛開始打前片. 蠻簡單的, 只是這線有點討厭, 捲曲的很厲害.

Bonsai Tunic Back WIP

I have also managed to finish the collar on Phildar Swing Jacket. What's left to be knitted are the four pocket pieces, and then I still have to decide on what to do with the trim. I have made up my mind not to use the bias binding tape, and will probably either knit or crochet the border. But I haven't decided on exactly what to do. It has been very easy to get distracted from this project. Not sure why. I guess especially now I won't get to wear it until fall, there's less incentive to get it done right away. And handling wool in this summer weather is just not very enjoyable. But I am anxious to get it off the WIP status though, maybe I will work on it when we have the AC on. :D

另外, Phildar七分袖外套的領子也織好了. 再來就剩下四個口袋織片要織, 原圖樣毛織的部分就算完成了. 我還沒有決定那淺紫的邊要怎麼做. 已經確定的是, 不用原設計裡的bias binding tape, 我打算另用毛線用棒針或鉤針來做邊, 只是還沒想好要怎麼做. 做這個project很容易分心耶, 尤其現在天氣越來越熱, 這件外套就算做好也要等到秋天才會穿, 就不太想去動它哩. 這種天氣實在是不想碰羊毛線, 但又覺得這件拖了有夠久, 也許等天氣熱到非開冷氣不可時, 再來躲在冷氣房裡織, 哈! :D

Bonsai Tunic Back WIP Closeup

And I want to thank you all for stopping by and for your kind compliments. They were always received with deep appreciations. I wish I have time to go around and chat, but the truth is I am getting less and less computer time these days, as my 2-year-old is already fighting with me over the computer. Well, not exactly "fighting", he just needs to pull at my shirt (hard!) and I will have to get off the computer and let him use it. And this happens whenever he sees me sitting down in front of the computer. He would tap at the keyboard and giggle when he saw those dots in the password box of the login screen. He has also figured out how to insert a DVD and the key sequences to start playing his favorite Teletubbies episodes on the laptop. Truly scary!

感謝大家有空過來逛逛, 留言, 和讚美(是大家不嫌棄啦!) 能在網路上遇到這麼多編織同好, 高手如雲, 實在是很令人開心. 我很希望能有更多時間也到大家的部落格看看串門子, 可惜現在用電腦時間越來越少. 卡比只要看到我坐在電腦前, 就會跑過來把我拉起來, 然後自己爬上椅子, 在鍵盤上東按按西敲敲. 他喜歡看登入時密碼格裡的黑豆豆, 一按出黑豆豆來他就笑的很高興. 他也知道如何將DVD拿出和放進電腦裡, 然後要按那些鍵來播放他最愛看的Teletubbies, 兩歲的小孩耶, 連話都還不會說... 實在是恐怖!