Thursday, April 10, 2008

Cream Lacy 1/2 Sleeve Bolero

Cream Lacy Half Sleeve Bolero

Yarn: Crystal Palace Panda Silk (52% bamboo, 43% superwash merino wool, 5% combed silk), color #3204 natural ecru - 4 balls (204yd [188m] / 50g)
Pattern: Japanese pattern book ショール・ボレロ・小もの―太い糸のレース編み (ISBN: 978-4277261111)
Needles: Clover 2.0 mm crochet hook
Size: One size, length from sleeve to sleeve 35 1/2"
Duration: 2008/03/17 - 2008/04/04

線材: Crystal Palace Panda Silk (52% 竹纖, 43% 美麗諾,5% 絲), 色號#3204 米白 - 4 球 (204yd [188m] / 50g)
圖樣: 日文書 ショール・ボレロ・小もの―太い糸のレース編み (ISBN: 978-4277261111)
針號: 可樂 2/0 2.0 mm 鉤針 
尺寸: 兩袖間長 90 cm
製作日期: 2008/03/17 - 2008/04/04

Book "ショール・ボレロ・小もの―太い糸のレース編み"

I bought this Japanese pattern book thinking that it would make a nice addition to my library, full of beautiful lace work to look at, though not intending to actually make any of them since they are all so delicate (i.e. lots of work!) Especially if I didn't want to use crochet thread to make garments, I was pretty much out of options as the materials used in the book are all fine cotton threads. That changed when I picked up Panda Silk in a LYS. The image of this bolero jumped into my mind. This would be the perfect yarn for it!

當初買這本書的動機是純收集,裡面的蕾絲作品纖細精緻令人讚嘆,但是從沒想要真的動手去織,因為:“纖細精緻”等於“厚工”啊!而且又是細針細線,一件衣服不知道要兔瓦故﹝台語:織多久﹞,尤其在美國細線選擇較少,如果不想用一般鉤針專用細棉線﹝較硬挺,我老覺得會像是在穿桌布... :D﹞,能用的線實在寥寥無幾。所以當我在店裡看到這組今年剛出的新線,眼睛一亮,馬上想到這件肖想粉久的小外套,這組線用來織這件應該很合適吧!

Cream Lacy Half Sleeve Bolero

This bolero has a very simple construction, you basically make a long rectangle, fold it in half, then add on sleeve edgings and a band that forms the collar and the edging for the rest of the body. The pattern was simple too, just endless repetitions of chain stitches and clusters. But the process got pretty boring and I was running out of patience toward the end. There were just too many chain stitches. Endless.

這件波雷若小外套結構很簡單﹝大多數波雷若做法都大同小異,簡單所以受歡迎吧?﹞織一塊長方形,對折後再加上袖口緣編及領子衣身緣編,就完成了。花樣也不難,很快就能背下來,不就是鎖針,鎖針,鎖針...玉編,鎖針,鎖針,鎖針...玉編... 不斷重複... 重複... 再重複... 無止無盡的鎖針... 天啊!怎麼這麼多鎖針啊!

Cream Lacy Half Sleeve Bolero

Blocking this piece is also a lot of work. I chose to pin it down and then spray it with water and let it dry. But, did you notice all those little scallops (chain stitches) along the edge of the entire bolero? Yes, I stretched and pinned each and every one of them down! I did fold it in half to do it, but, still, it was a lot of work!


Cream Lacy Half Sleeve Bolero

Although I got a bit testy toward the end of finishing this bolero, I must say, I love the end result! It came out just exactly as I expected. I enjoyed crocheting with Panda Silk. The generous yardage (204 yards per ball) means I only needed 4 balls for the bolero, so the entire piece is light weight and easy to wear. I will be going back to the store to get more of this stuff, I just wish it comes in more colors in deeper tones. Maybe I will try some variegated colors next time.