Thursday, March 29, 2007

Shetland Triangle 雪特蘭披肩

Yarn: Koigu Premium Merino KPM (100% merino wool), #1005 - 2 skeins (175yd [160m] / 50g)
Pattern: Wrap Style
Needles: Addi Turbo US size 6 (4 mm) for lace and US size 8 (5 mm) for bind-off
Size: 31" wingspan x 16" center length before blocking, 54" wingspan x 24" center length after blocking
Start: 2007/03/23
Finish: 2007/03/27

線材: Koigu Premium Merino KPM (100% 美麗諾羊毛), #1005 - 2 綑 (175yd [160m] / 50g)
圖樣: Wrap Style
針號: 4 mm 輪針織主體, 5 mm 輪針收針
尺寸: 上寬79cm 中央長41cm(定型前) 上寬137cm 中央長61cm(定型後)
開始: 2007/03/23
完成: 2007/03/27

After spending more than two weeks working on nothing but Phildar Swing Jacket, I decided to take a short break - working on Shetland Triangle Shawl. I've had the book for a long time, but this shawl never caught my eyes, until I saw Ashley's FO. Maybe it is the white color, that shows the beauty of this lace so well, I immediately added it to my to-knit list. The lace is simple, I actually felt a bit bored toward the end. I don't like to put my knitting down when I am at the middle of a row. I usually try to finish a row before I take a break. In this shawl, there are more than 200 stitches per row for the last couple repeats. Each row took me 10 minutes to knit. It was quite tiring...

連續和Phildar那件外套奮戰兩個多星期後, 想休息一下, 換換口味, 便挑了這條雪特蘭披肩. Wrap Style這本書買很久了, 這條披肩卻一直沒引起我的注意. 直到看了Ashley的成品後, 眼睛一亮, 便把它列入想織的project之一. 這個蕾絲其實很簡單, 織到後來實在是有點無聊. 我不太喜歡一段織到一半就停下來, 要休息也是會把一段織完了再放下. 所以這條披肩織到最後幾段repeats時每一段有將近兩百多針, 感覺好像永遠織不完, 一段要花我十分鐘, 粉累...

Close-up of the lace pattern (I usually don't use this shockingly red background, but I felt that it would show the lace more vividly in this case):
蕾絲花樣近照 (平常是不用這個紅色被子當背景的, 太搶鏡頭... 可是蕾絲這樣才看的清楚):

The original pattern did 8 repeats of the body lace pattern. Although my gauge was the same, it seemed a bit small after I finished 8 repeats, so I added one more. One thing I need to improve upon, is the sharp points along the scalloped edges of the shawl. I pulled so hard during blocking, that the corners of the playmats (which I used as my blocking board) were almost off the carpet, the T-pins almost got pulled out of the mats. But they are still not as sharp as I would like them to be. I am guessing if it's because my bind-off was not loose enough? I usually get perfect tension when I bind off, even using the same needles. Thus this time, I used needles that are two sizes larger to do the bind-off. I guess it was not good enough. I could pull out the lace pattern, but just couldn't produce the sharp points. Well, lesson learned. My next lace shawl Kiri will hopefully have better result.

Pattern上是重複蕾絲花樣八次, 我覺得我用的線織起來好像有點小, 所以重複了九次. 這件披肩還算滿意, 唯一遺憾的是, 那個尖角無法拉的再尖一點. 我定型時拉的很用力了, 下面墊的拼板都快掀起來, 大頭針都快釘不住了, 還是只有這樣. 我猜是不是收針收的太緊, 所以拉不開? 我平常收針不用換針號就可以收的剛剛好, 這次書上說要"very loosely", 那我就拿大兩號的針來收啊, 結果還是不夠... 就把這次當作練習吧, 再來織琦麗蕾絲披肩就知道要注意一下了.

Koigu Premium Merino in colorway #1005:
用線Koigu高級美麗諾, 色號1005:

The wrinkly shriveled shawl just off the needles:

Using blocking wire and T-pins to block:

Saturday, March 24, 2007

La Gran Mohair Shirred Scarf

Yarn: Classic Elite La Gran Mohair (76.5% mohair, 17.5% wool, 6% nylon), #6540 Honeydew - 3 balls (90yd [82m] / 42g)
Pattern: Knit & Crochet Ponchos, Wraps, Capes & Shrugs! (Knit & Crochet) By Edie Eckman
Needles: Susan Bates Crystalites US size 15 (10 mm)
Size: 9" x 100" before shirring, 9" x 43" after shirring
Start: February 12, 2007
Finish: March 24, 2007

線材: Classic Elite La Gran Mohair (76.5% 毛海, 17.5% 羊毛, 6% 尼龍), #6540 哈密瓜 - 3 球(90yd [82m] / 42g)
圖樣: Knit & Crochet Ponchos, Wraps, Capes & Shrugs! (Knit & Crochet) By Edie Eckman
針號: 10 mm 棒針
尺寸: 寬9英吋 長100英吋(穿鬆緊線前) 長43英吋(穿鬆緊線後)
開始: 2007/02/12
完成: 2007/03/24

This scarf is quite simple. It's a long strip of a very easy lace, with elastic threads running through the "spines" of the strip. One can adjust the amount of shirring by pulling the elastic threads. I actually finished knitting this scarf and bound off on 2/27/07. I then started threading the elastic through it, and found out that it wasn't quite what I envisioned it to be. Well, the elastic thread is very thin and feels a bit weak for holding the shirring in place (even with 3 strands held together.) Not sure that I wanted to continue on, I put it aside. I know I won't frog it (I might as well toss it out if I am to frog 3 balls worth of mohair.) But, I am not sure that threading through the second bundle of elastics will achieve the effect I want. So it kept sitting in my WIP piles. Until today, finally struck by reality, I decided to just finish it and call it a day.

這條圍巾其實超簡單, 織一條落落長的蕾絲, 中央兩條"脊椎"用細鬆緊線穿過, 拉出喜歡的樣子後把鬆緊線綁好固定, 就OK啦! 本來2/27/07就織好收線了, 穿完第一條鬆緊線後, 覺得有點失望, 這跟我想像中的樣子差蠻多的... 問題出在, 這鬆緊線很細, 雖然是用3條線同時穿, 感覺上還是撐不住圍巾的重量 (這是毛海耶, 很輕啊...), 而且皺摺的地方無法固定, 圍起來就全部垂到下面去了. 一時之間也不知該不該繼續下去, 就把它擱在一旁. 我是不可能把它拆掉 (要拆毛海哦, 那乾脆直接丟掉比較快...) 可是也很懷疑穿了第二條鬆緊線後效果會改善多少. 就這樣, 它一直躺在我的未成品袋中... 直到今天, 我終於決定"面對現實", 就把它"解決"了吧, 就算不太滿意, 至少也是成品一件.

The scarf before shirring (now I think I like this version better...), this picture is closer to the true color.
穿鬆緊線前的圍巾 (現在覺得這樣比較好看...), 這張照片較接近原色.

The elastic thread used for this scarf and threading it through...
所用的鬆緊線, 用毛線針把它穿過圍巾中央的"脊椎"...

Me wearing the scarf...

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Reading-In-Bed Shrug - Variation

Yarn: Nashua June (100% microfiber), #NJUN003 Rose - 2 balls (120yd [110m] / 50g)
Pattern: Interweave Knits Spring 2007 Staff Project (TKA Project #16) with Lace Substitution
Needles: Addi Turbo US size 4 (3.5mm) for ribbing, Addi Turbo US sizes 6 (4mm) and 7 (4.5mm) for lace
Size: 13 1/2" high at center back, 22" long from cuff to cuff
Start: March 8, 2007
Finish: March 10, 2007

線材: Nashua June (100% microfiber), #NJUN003 粉紅 - 2 球 (120yd [110m] / 50g)
圖樣: Interweave Knits 2007 春季版網站圖樣 (TKA Project #16 蕾絲小外套) 不同蕾絲花樣
針號: 3.5 mm (袖口上下針), 4mm 和 4.5 mm (蕾絲部份)
尺寸: 寬13.5英吋 長22英吋
開始: 2007/03/08
完成: 2007/03/10

Although I love my baby-blue mohair Reading-In-Bed Shrug, after seeing Annie's and Margaret's shrugs, I decided to make a lighter version of it too so I will actually be able to wear it in the summer time. It's the same pattern. I picked a lighter yarn, and substituted with Traveling Vine lace pattern just to make the 2nd-time-knitting more interesting. I copied Margaret's method of shaping without actually having to increase or decrease stitches, to give it more length in the center back - the ribbing on the sleeves were worked using size 4 needles, then I worked three repeats of the lace pattern using size 6 needles for both ends, and then the center 5 repeats in the back were done in size 7 needles.

雖然覺得上次那件粉藍毛海蕾絲小外套很滿意, 看了Annie瑪格的成品後, 還是手癢用夏紗再來織一件, 這樣夏天才能穿嘛! 基本上是同樣的織法, 我挑了個Traveling Vine的蕾絲花樣來織, 才不會覺得好像同樣的花織兩件, 有點無聊. 這次學瑪格的方法, 袖口用小號針(美制4號)來織, 然後蕾絲部分兩端3個repeats用美制6號針, 後背中央的5個repeats是用美制7號針.

Because it's a finer yarn and I used smaller needles, two balls were barely enough for this one. I also purposely made this one a bit smaller, so it's more hugging on the shoulders. I was holding my breath as I worked toward the finish line, hoping I would have enough yarn. I really did not want to buy another ball just to finish it up.

因為這線較細, 用的針號也較小, 兩球線險險不夠用. 這件還特地織小一點, 希望肩膀穿起來比較有包裹住的感覺. 織到最後真有點心驚膽戰, 生怕線不夠.... 人家不要為了這一點點再買一球線啦!

I like the end-result, although I realized a cotton yarn would probably be a better choice here. Regardless, I think this one will get more wear than my mohair shrug.

這件織來還算可以啦, 覺得應該用棉線還是比較好. 不過這件穿的機會絕對比毛海那件多啦!

Addendum 補註 2007/03/21:

Traveling Vine Lace 攀藤蔓蕾絲 (Multiple of 8 sts + 4 ~ 8針目重複+4)
Row 1 (RS) 第1段 (正面): K2, *yo, k1-b, yo, ssk, k5; repeat from *, end k2.
Row 2: P6, *p2tog tbl, p7; repeat from *, end last repeat p5.
Row 3: K2, *yo, k1-b, yo, k2, ssk, k3; repeat from *, end k2.
Row 4: P4, *p2tog tbl, p7; repeat from *.
Row 5: K2, *k1-b, yo, k4, ssk, k1, yo; repeat from *, end k2.
Row 6: P3, *p2tog tbl, p7; repeat from *, end p1.
Row 7: K2, *k5, k2tog, yo, k1-b, yo; repeat from *, end k2.
Row 8: P5, *p2tog, p7; repeat from *, end last repeat p6.
Row 9: K2, *k3, k2tog, k2, yo, k1-b, yo; repeat from *, end k2.
Row 10: *P7, p2tog; repeat from *, end p4.
Row 11: K2, *yo, k1, k2tog, k4, yo, k1-b; repeat from *, end k2.
Row 12: P1, *p7, p2tog; repeat from *, end p3.

k1-b: knit 1 stitch through back loop
p2tog tbl: purl 2 stitches together through back loop

Other Project Details:

Gauge 密度 - 20 sts = 4" (10 cm)

CO 65 sts. Follow the original pattern for ribbing, I did 9 rows to get to 1 1/2". Since this lace is even number of stitches, I increased 1 st at the last row of the ribbing of the first sleeve. The total number of stitches for the beginning of the lace is 66 sts. And of course, decreased 1 st at the first row for the second sleeve to return to 65.

起65針. 按照原織法織袖口. 我織了9段才有1 1/2寸. 蕾絲部分的針數是偶數, 所以第一個袖口的最後一段要加一針. 這樣蕾絲部分一開始打的針數是66針. 當然, 開始打第二個袖口時也要減一針(回到65針).

I worked 3 garter sts on each side of the lace to prevent curling. In hindsight, it seemed unnecessary since the garter stitched edges just fold in when I wear it anyway. If you don't want to do the garter stitch edge, subtract 6 from the cast-on stitches (65 - 6 = 59 sts). Note that the garter stitch edges are not included in the lace pattern above!

我另外在兩邊加了各3針下針, 原本是希望這樣子它就不會往內捲. 現在覺得其實沒用, 穿的時候那個邊還是一樣往裡面折, 再怎麼橋也沒用. 如果不織邊的話, 就少起6針 (65 - 6 = 59 針). 如果要織邊, 要記得上面的蕾絲花樣織法裡沒有包括這左右各3個下針. 織的時候要記得自己加喔! 有問題請留言, 我們再討論...

See what others have done with it...

Hera 海拉

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Phildar Swing Jacket Restarted - Again...

My first attempt on this jacket started back in December, after I finished swatching and finally received the pattern at the end of November. But I only got as far as the hem, which was too wide for some reasons. First of all, I couldn't get the suggested gauge (mine was 20 sts = 4"), so I had to re-calculate everything. And since I liked Clémence's suggestion for the hem, I used a smaller needle to knit the hem. Not sure if it is because the hem needs to be done in stockinette and my gauge swatch was done in half-woven stitches and different needles, it just seemed like it wasn't going to work. With the holidays approaching and other obligations, I put this jacket away.

這件外套從12月就開打了. 本來11月就興沖沖地申請參加這個群編, 連織片都織好了, pattern書卻11月底才寄到... 織完下襬後卻不得不停手, 因為實在是太大啦! 我試了很多次, 密度就是無法和書上一樣. 那只好自己算尺寸針數囉... 看到 Clémence 提出這個不須縫合的下襬織法, 決定來試試看. 自己也沒先想到下襬和其他部分針法和用針尺寸都不同, 密度也會不一樣, 沒再重新算過就開打的結果就是, 拆!

I finally restarted this jacket last week. I took gauge from the to-be-ripped hem and the gauge from my November swatches, made adjustments, re-calculated, and cast on again. This time it looked promising until I went almost half way through the back, and again realizing that it may be too small! I think it may be okay for a fitted sweater, but it is definitely too small for a flare jacket.

上禮拜終於又重新開打. 這次重新算過啦, 還自做聰明的把整個外套尺寸稍微縮小(覺得34-36有點大哩...) 織啊織滴, 後背快織過半了才驚覺, 好像會太小哦... 如果是織合身的毛衣, 這個大小就還可以. 外套就太小啦! 尤其這件的特色就在下襬要寬寬的斜出去才好看.

One thing that surprised me was, my gauge now is 21 sts = 4"! Go figure! Could the way I knit change during these months? Somehow I am pulling the yarn tighter now... Anyway. I decided to restart, yet again. But before I rip this out, just want to save some photos for reference...

還有一點沒想到的是, 我現在織的密度和三個月前織的不一樣! 這三個月會變這麼多嗎? 我現在好像越織線拉越緊... 唉... 又要再重新開始... 決定先留幾張照片作參考...

The right (public) side:

The wrong side:

The "no-sew" hem on the inside:

Monday, March 05, 2007

Flower Petal Scarf 花瓣圍巾

Yarn: Classic Elite Wool Bam Boo (50% wool and 50% bamboo), #1689 Watermelon - 2 balls (118 yd / 50g)
Pattern: Courtesy of a fellow blogger
Hooks: 3.75mm crochet hook
Size: 4" wide x 54" long
Start: February 26, 2007
Finish: February 28, 2007

線材: Classic Elite Wool Bam Boo (50% 羊毛 50% 竹), #1689 西瓜紅 - 2 球 (118 yd / 50g)
圖樣: 感謝紅豆提供
針號: 3.75 mm 鈎針
尺寸: 10 cm 寬 138 cm 長
開始: 2007/02/26
完成: 2007/02/28

Thanks to a fellow knitting/crochet blogger for sharing the pattern, I got to make this unique scarf. The pattern is actually quite simple, and easy to memorize. I had actually stopped after I made 31 flower petals (approximately 47"), but it became 54" long after blocking. It is a bit too long now, and it seems to stretch even longer with wear. I probably will rip out 2-3 flower petals, maybe the length will be better.

從沒向格友要過織圖的我, 看到這條別緻的圍巾時, 也忍不住了. 感謝紅豆提供的織圖, 讓我可以完成這件作品. 圖樣其實很簡單, 很快就可以記起來. 本來織到120cm時(31朵花)就停了, 沒想到定型後變成138cm, 有點太長了. 昨天就圍出去啦, 覺得有點越拉越長. 再看看吧, 說不定拆掉2-3朵花會比較剛好.

Wool Bam Boo is very soft, and comfortable around the neck. And it comes in many beautiful colors. But I think it is a bit too thin for this scarf, and maybe a bit too soft. The petals look crushed and flattened. I am thinking to make another one with a chunkier yarn, maybe a bit more wool or merino, with a gauge about 20 sts = 4". This scarf does not need much yarn, I used about 1.5 balls of Wool Bam Boo which is 118 yards per ball (and my scarf is a bit too long.) I think this could be an one-skein project (if I use a more substantial yarn and make it shorter). It's a great way to use up odd balls in your stash.

這線很柔軟, 圍在脖子上很舒服, 其他還有別的顏色也都不錯看. 不過我覺得用來織這條圍巾可能有點太細了, 線可能也太軟, 花辦看起來垮垮的. 我想用較粗一點的線再織一條, 密度約20針目=10cm的線應該會比較剛好. 這條圍巾其實用線不多, 我用了約1.5球, 而且Wool Bam Boo一球線量不多, 才118 yards而已. 是用來消耗囤積毛線的好project.

The various ways of wearing this scarf:

Doedoe was supervising the photo shoot... :)
我在照相, 豆豆在旁邊湊熱鬧... :)

Friday, March 02, 2007

Stitches West 2007

Last Saturday 2/24 I went to the annual Stitches West 2007, held in Santa Clara Convention Center. This is a knitter's paradise, with lots of classes, fashion show, and hundreds of booths selling yarns and tools. This year there was also the author of Victorian Lace Today on site for book signing. They had an entire booth for the promotion of this book, with lots of beautiful lace scarves and shawls from the book on exhibit. You could even try them on if you want! And seeing all the booths selling yarns and knitting-related products, I felt like a little kid walking into a candy store, I was drooling all over! Photography was prohibited at the show, otherwise I would have taken some. I arrived after 11 am, and didn't leave until almost 5:30 pm (the show closed at 6.) My legs were sore, my wallet was empty, but I came home happy (and a bit guilty) with many new additions to my stash.

Stitches 是 Knitter's Magazine 這本雜誌每年在美國東部, 中西部, 和西部舉辦的盛會. 今年西部是2/22-2/25在舊金山灣區舉辦 (離我家很近啦!) 這當然是一定要去的嘍! 除了有各種編織課程, 服裝表演, 上百個賣毛線和手工編織相關產品的商家攤位, 今年還請到Victorian Lace Today這本書的作者在現場簽名, 另外還有書中作品在現場展示, 不僅是可以看到真品, 拿在手中研究試試毛線的觸感, 不少人還拿起來披戴試穿呢! 更別提滿山滿谷的毛線和工具, 這對熱愛棒針編織和收集毛線的人來說, 就像是小孩進了糖果屋, 什麼都想要, 口水都流滿地啦! 可惜會場不准攝影, 不然真的很想拍照. 我是2/24禮拜六去的, 沒想到有些商家有些線已經幾乎賣完了! (下次記得早一天去...) 早上11點多到達會場, 一直逛到下午5點多, 中餐是買個麵包邊走邊吃的. 一天逛下來的結果就是, 腰酸腿酸, 頭昏腦脹, 錢包空空啦!

I dug these bags of yarns out from the bargain bins - they were all 50% off the original retail prices, but you have to buy the whole bag (10 balls).

下面這幾袋毛線是我從廉價箱裡挖出來的 - 都是原售價打五折, 不過一定要整袋(十球)買, 不能拆.

Garnstudio Camelia (100% wool) - Perhaps the braided collar v-neck sweater from Vogue Knitting Fall 2006?

Garnstudio Camelia (100% 羊毛) - 想拿來試試 Vogue Knitting 2006 秋季裡的一件灰色麻花V領毛衣.

Louisa Harding Kashmir Aran (55% merino wool, 35% microfiber, 10% cashmere) - earmarked for Wicked:

Louisa Harding Kashmir Aran (55% 美麗諾羊毛, 35% microfiber, 10% 開絲米爾) - 準備拿來織 Wicked:

Louisa Harding Kashmir DK (55% merino wool, 35% microfiber, 10% cashmere) - I just love these colors... no projects in mind yet...

Louisa Harding Kashmir DK (55% 美麗諾羊毛, 35% microfiber, 10% 開絲米爾) - 好喜歡這些顏色... 只是還不知道要織什麼...

I also bought some lovely lace yarn, for scarves and shawls in Victorian Lace Today.

Tess Yarns - the blue skein is Petite Silk (100% silk), the remaining are Superwash Lace (100% merino). Each is enough for a small shawl or scarf. Two skeins should be enough for a large shawl.

這次還買了一些蕾絲細線, 打算用來織Victorian Lace Today書中的作品.

Tess Yarns - 藍色那綑是 Petite Silk (100% 絲), 其他的是 Superwash Lace (100% 美麗諾). 一綑夠織一條小型蕾絲披肩或圍巾. 兩綑可織大型披肩.

My favorites are these two skeins of Claudia Hand Painted Yarns (100% silk). The top is color Sunrise, the bottom is Blue Terra Cotta.

最愛的是下面照片裡這兩綑線 - Claudia Hand Painted Yarns (100% 絲). 上面那綑的顏色是 Sunrise, 下面那綑是 Blue Terra Cotta.

It looks like I am all set for lace shawls in the coming year. The problem is, which one do I begin with? They are all so beautiful!

這樣看起來好像萬事俱全, 可以開始來打蕾絲披肩了哦? 問題是, 要打那一條呢? 書中每一條都好美喔!