Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Top-Down Raglan Cardi

Yarn: Patons SWS (70% wool and 30% soy), #70013 Natural Earth - 7 balls (110 yd [100m] / 80g)
Pattern: Cosmicpluto Knits! (TKA Project #14)
Needles: Addi Turbo US size 6 (4 mm) / 24" and 32" circulars (for seed stitch border), Addi Turbo US size 8 (5mm) / 24" and 32" circulars (for stockinette portion)
Size: S for chest circumference 32-34"
Start: January 8, 2007
Finish: February 20, 2007

線材: Patons SWS (70% 羊毛 30% 大豆), #70013 Natural Earth - 7 球 (110 yd [100m] / 80g)
圖樣: Cosmicpluto Knits! (TKA Project #14 拉克蘭外套)
針號: 4 mm/60 cm & 80 cm 輪針 (領口, 袖口, 下襬), 5 mm/60 cm & 80 cm 輪針 (平針部份)
尺寸: S (胸圍32-34英吋)
開始: 2007/01/08
完成: 2007/02/20

Honestly I am not quite happy with the result. It is a bit too big at the shoulders and upper arms, and there's also excess in the underarm area. I tried it on several times as I worked on the upper body portion. Somehow everytime I tried it on I was not able to pull the two markers to meet at underarm (an indication to start working the main body), and so I kept on knitting. When I was finally able to meet the two markers, it felt tight and I had to stretch the fabric to do it. I decided to add another 4 rows before starting the main body to give it more room. This turned out to be a wrong decision. The shoulders and upper arms are now too roomy. Knitting the shoulder portion was also a pain. It just seemed never ending. I started with a 24" circular, and had to switch to 32" to accommodate the ever increasing number of stitches.

說實在這件我不是很滿意. 肩膀, 上臂, 腋下都織的太大. 織的時候試穿過好幾次, 可是每次都無法把記號環拉到腋下, 所以就一直織下去囉. 等到我可以拉到記號環時(而且是硬拉的), 覺得有點緊, 於是決定多織四段後再開始織身體部位. 結果顯示, 這個決定是錯誤的啦! 實際上, 可能應該再拆個兩段會比較剛好. 肩膀部位實在是織的很痛苦, 好像怎麼織都織不完的感覺. 覺得自己沒事長那麼大隻幹麼... 本來是用60cm的輪針, 織到後來非得換成80cm來織, 針目多的都快抓不住了.

I kind of screwed up the waist shaping too. It wears and looks as if I started the decreases too low. The pattern has the shaping done every 5 rows. Well, it probably meant every 5th row. For whatever reasons I interpreted it as having 5 rows in between shaping and actually worked the decreases and increases every 7th row. Don't ask, I don't know what I was thinking. Can I blame it on too much late-night knitting?! ;)

腰身減針的部份我做的也不是很好, 穿起來感覺腰線太低. Pattern上是每五段減一次, 我想成每次減針要間隔五段(也就是第六段再減針), 想想不喜歡上針減針, 那再加一段好了... 所以實際上我是每第七段減針... 啊啊... 不知道自己在想什麼... 真是頭殼壞壞去... 大概是熬夜織毛線熬過頭了, 腦筋不清楚... 唉, 我也懶得拆了...

I also had to rework the neckband, bottom hem, and sleeve hems. Initially I worked everything in size 8 needles, including the neckband and bottom hem in seed stitches, which turned out to be terrible looking (see photos below.) I tried size 7 needles on the first sleeve, still puffy. Ripped it out, tried size 6 needles, now, finally, that's more like it. I went back and ripped out the bottom hem and re-knitted it in size 6 needles. For the neckband (it was worked top down), I used the circular needle to pick up all stitches on the first row of the stockinette portion (below the neckband) and unraveled the neckband. Then I worked the neckband from bottom up in size 6 needles. This is the first time I tried a stunt like this. Not fun, but I am glad I did it. The result is much better, and I feel like I've learned something new.

領口, 下襬, 和袖口也重新織過. 本來全部都用美制8號針(織桂花針), 織完領口時覺得怪怪的, 整個領子垮垮的. 織完下襬後覺得這樣實在不行, 織第一隻袖子時便試著用7號針, 還是泡泡的. 拆了, 用6號針重來. 果然, 6號針織出來的比較能看. 袖子織好後, 我把下襬拆了, 用6號針重織. 領口我用輪針把平針部分第一段的針目先挑出來, 把上面桂花針的部分剪斷拆掉, 然後由下往上重織. 從來沒試過這樣做, 其實蠻費時費力, 不過成果還不錯, 至少不必全部拆掉重來.

Before fixing the neckband and the hems:

The neckband kept collapsing...

The bottom hem and the sleeve hem were puffy...

Other notes:

The button band is a bit too narrow. The button holes (as per pattern) were too close to the edge, I worked it as follows: k1, yo, ssk, p1, k1. And I worked a button hole every 2 1/4 inches, approximately every 9th row.

Patons SWS is splitty. It's not terrible, but just annoying at times. Knitting the yarn is not too big a problem, and if you do have to unravel, be ready to deal with some tangled mess!


做釦洞的邊襟部位我覺得5針太窄, 下次再織會加寬. 如瑪姐所說, 釦洞會太靠邊, 所以五針裡第二針就做掛針開釦洞. 大約每2 1/4英吋(每第九段)開一個釦洞.

Patons SWS這線蠻容易分岔, 織的時候還好, 要拆的時候就一個頭兩個大了.

This method of knitting a raglan cardigan is really simple and straight-forward. I have already prepared yarn to make another for my son. I would probably work the button band separately by picking up stitches from the two front panels. This way I can do a 1x1 ribbing all the way around. I think it will look better.

這個織拉克蘭的方法其實很簡單, 省了縫合的工. 我線已經買好了, 打算幫兒子也織一件. 再織的時候可能邊襟釦洞會另外挑針來打鬆緊針, 覺得這樣還是比較好看.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Reading-In-Bed Shrug

Yarn: GGH Soft Kid (70% super kid mohair, 25% nylon, and 5% new wool), #72 Baby Blue - 2 balls (151yd [138m] / 25g)
Pattern: Interweave Knits Spring 2007 Staff Project (TKA Project #16)
Needles: Addi Turbo US size 8 (5 mm) for ribbing, Addi Turbo US size 9 (5.5mm) for lace
Size: 13 1/4" high at center back, 23" long from cuff to cuff
Start: February 21, 2007
Finish: February 23, 2007

線材: GGH Soft Kid (70% 高級毛海 25% 尼龍 5%羊毛), #72 粉藍 - 2 球 (151yd [138m] / 25g)
圖樣: Interweave Knits 2007 春季版網站 (TKA Project #16 蕾絲小外套)
針號: 5 mm (袖口上下針), 5.5 mm (蕾絲部份)
尺寸: 寬13.5英吋 長23英吋
開始: 2007/02/21
完成: 2007/02/23

This was a quick and easy knit. I spent about 8-9 hours to knit and then steam blocked it. The pattern called for 13 repeats of the lace pattern, I did 14 and had to stretch the fabric a bit to get the measurement. I guess I am a tight knitter, the blunt tips on the Addi Turbos were a bit difficult for some of the k2tog and ssk. Maybe next time I should try other needles.

這件小外套打起來簡單又快, 我大約花了8-9小時完成, 然後用熨斗蒸燙定型. Pattern上蕾絲花樣是重複13次, 我打了14次加上定型時拉開, 才達到想要的長度. 我打毛線可能手勁比較緊吧, 這次用Addi Turbo大號針的針頭太鈍, 有些 k2tog 和 ssk 竟然差點無法完成. 下次要來試試別的牌子的針.

This lace pattern is not difficult, I memorized it after a few repeats. And luckily no mistakes along the way. The only thing that turned out a bit odd was the "yo, k2tog" at the CO and BO ends, the holes at the CO ends were much smaller than the BO ends. Not sure why that is. I kept poking at them to try to make them bigger and more even...

這個蕾絲花樣並不難, 尤其反面都是上針, 打幾次重複後就背下來了, 還好也都沒出錯. 唯一覺得"怪怪"的地方是兩端的"yo, k2tog", 不知道為什麼起針那端的洞比收針那邊要小, 我定型時還刻意地把起針那端的洞戳大一點...

And I am in love with this yarn! GGH Soft Kid knits up so beautiful, airy, and warm. I am tempted to make another in dark taupe, or maybe ivory. And maybe even substituting the Traveling Leaf lace with a different lace pattern. That would be fun! For this lace shrug, I only used maybe 1/3 of the 2nd ball. I wonder what else I can make with the remaining 2/3 of a ball?

GGH Soft Kid這線織起來感覺真的很棒, 輕柔又保暖, 針目花樣清晰. 很想再織一件ㄋㄟ... 上次買線時有看到一個深褐帶紫的顏色很美, 或是乳白色比較容易搭配衣服. 也許換個蕾絲花樣來織應該也不錯. 這件小外套只用了1 1/3球的線, 第二球還剩下不少, 不知能拿來織什麼?

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Waiting and Trying

The Top-Down Raglan Cardi has been drying on the blocking board for two days now, and it is still damp. Although there have been some light showers, the weather really isn't too wet. I guess I didn't squeeze out enough moisture before I put it on the board.

拉克蘭外套已經下過水躺在定型板上兩天了, 剛剛去摸卻還有濕氣. 這幾天是下了一些毛毛雨, 可是不覺得濕氣有太重啊... 還覺得皮膚好乾燥... 我想大概是我用大毛巾把它包起來吸水時吸的還不夠, 下次要記得了.

While waiting, I started the next TKA project - "Reading-in-Bed Shrug" from IK Spring 2007. Knowing this project was coming, I picked up two balls of Lang Venezia when LYS Creative Hands had a sale a few weeks ago. The gauge was exactly the same as the suggested yarn GGH Soft Kid, and I love the color. Blue and purple is one of my favorite color combinations.

外套沒乾, 沒辦法縫釦子, 就來準備TKA的下個project - 蕾絲小外套. 幾個禮拜前碰上毛線店特價打折時, 就買了兩球Lang Venezia. 密度和圖樣建議毛線GGH Soft Kid是一模一樣, 而且是我最喜愛的藍紫色.

I am not sure if it's due to the higher acrylic content (50% acrylic and 50% mohair), the swatch felt a bit stiff. The stitches were uneven, and the color variation just seems to interfere with the lace pattern. I just did not like how it turned out. Well, off I went to another LYS to see if I can find GGH Soft Kid.

不知道是不是因為這線壓克力成份過高(50%壓克力 50%毛海), 試織的織片感覺有點硬. 針目不均勻, 漸層的顏色看起來花花的, 蕾絲的花樣都看不清楚了. 只好再跑另一家店看看能不能找到GGH Soft Kid (講得好像很委屈, 其實是很愛去啦... :D)

Aaahhh, now that's better. Soft and feminine, and yet you can still see the stitch patterns.

嗯... 看起來好多了. 很柔軟的感覺, 蕾絲花樣還是看的很清楚哦!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Yarn: Tilli Tomas Pure & Simple (100% spun silk), Atmosphere - 3 skeins (260 yd / 100g); Tilli Tomas Rock Star (70% spun silk, 30% beads), Atmosphere - 2 skeins (150 yd / 100g)
Pattern: By Wendy Bernard for Stitch Diva Studios
Needles: Addi Turbo US size 4 (3.5 mm) / 24" and 32" circulars (for diamond patterns), Addi Turbo US size 6 (4mm) / 24" and 32" circulars (for stockinette portions)
Size: S for chest circumference 33"
Start: January 1, 2007
Finish: February 13, 2007

線材: Tilli Tomas Pure & Simple (100% 絲), Atmosphere - 3 綑 (260 yd / 100g); Tilli Tomas Rock Star (70% 絲, 30% 珠珠), Atmosphere - 2 綑 (150 yd / 100g)
圖樣: By Wendy Bernard for Stitch Diva Studios
針號: 3.5 mm/60 cm & 80 cm 輪針 (模樣編), 4 mm/60 cm & 80 cm 輪針 (平針部份)
尺寸: S (胸圍33寸)
開始: 2007/01/01
完成: 2007/02/13

Sahara is finished at last. It was really an easy knit, it shouldn't have taken more than a month if I had time to focus. The pattern was well written, very detailed and clear. The sweater is knit from top down, beginning at the back of the neck. Stitches are picked up and knit for the neckline and sleeves. The only seam to sew is at the neckline. Not a whole lot of finishing work. I love it!

Sahara終於織好了. 這件織法其實很簡單, 如果有時間好好地織的話, 應該不需要像我用到一個多月的時間. 這個pattern寫的超詳細的(密密麻麻地寫了四張紙), 非常清楚. 這件是從領子後面由上往下開始織, 領口和袖子用挑針來打. 唯一需要縫合的地方只有領口一小段, 接縫的工不多. 哈! 這種我最喜歡啦!

The only things that were a bit troublesome were the "k3tog tbl" and "p3tog tbl" in the necklines and hems. With the slippery Addi's and smooth silk yarn, I could not do the "p3tog tbl" at all. I tried for several minutes and just couldn't pull the wrapped yarn through. So I went with these short-cuts:

k3tog tbl - slip 2 sts as if to purl, knit next st through the back loop, pass the 2 sts over the knit st

p3tog tbl - purl 1 st, slip next 2 sts as if to knit, move all three sts back to left needle, pass the 2nd st over the purled st and off the needle, pass the leftmost st over and off in the same manner, move the resulting st back to right needle

唯一比較討厭的是模樣編裡的"k3tog tbl"和"p3tog tbl". 我用的Addi Turbo金屬輪針加上滑滑的絲線, 碰到這兩個針法就沒轍了. 我試了好幾次, 就是沒有辦法把線用針頭勾出來. 所以就決定用這些撇步:

k3tog tbl - 用上針的方式把兩針目滑到右針, 用下針的方式打下一針目後面那條線, 再把右針上兩針目套過去

p3tog tbl - 打一上針, 用下針的方式把兩針目滑到右針, 把這三針目移回左針, 把第二針目套過打上針的那一針目(此時兩針併成一針), 再把最左針目依同法套過(此時三針併成一針), 然後把剩下的那一針目移回右針就完成了

Other notes are:

Waist Shaping & Hip Increases - knowing that I don't have a wasp-like waist, I did the shaping decreases a total of 4 times (every 10th row) instead of 5 times. And thus the hip increases were also done 4 times

The sleeves are 17.5" from underarm instead of 16" before the hem. I actually had finished the sweater this past Sunday with the 16" sleeves, tried it on, the sleeves were way too short, and had to rip out the hem and added another 1.5".


自認腰是蠻粗的, 所以pattern上腰身要減5次針, 我只減4次.

袖長(從腋下量)是17.5寸起開始織花樣邊, pattern上是16寸. 其實這件上禮拜天就織好了, 試穿後才發現袖子太短, 只好拆邊再加個一寸半 (奇怪, 我手有這麼長嗎?)

Sahara is very comfortable, and I like the fit (it is a bit too snug - I must not gain weight...) In hindsight, I wish I didn't pick such a fancy yarn (although I jumped at the opportunity to work with TT yarns...) With silk and all those beads, I wonder how often I will get to wear this? Now that's motivation to make a short-sleeve, more casual version of it. Maybe a cotton-silk or rayon-blend yarn for the summer?

這件穿起來很舒服, 很合身 (嗯... 有點太合身了, 穿這件時不能吃大餐... ) 可是當初好像不該選這絲線. 線是很美啦, 織出來效果也很好, 只是這是純絲的, 再加上一堆珠珠, 對我這整天在家帶小孩的好像沒什麼穿的機會? 有點想再織一件短袖的, 用棉絲混紡或rayon的線, 不加珠珠, 這樣實穿性應該比較高.

Monday, February 05, 2007

My Little Star Has A Big Head?

Can you believe it? I couldn't. I couldn't fit the Little Star Sweater through my son's head. I don't think my son's got a big head. It's got to be the sweater... I followed the pattern exactly for the neck portion, but it didn't fit...

實在是不敢相信, 我兒子的頭有這麼大嗎? 這件小星星毛衣居然穿不過去... 我一直覺得我們家卡比很小隻耶, 頭也沒有特別大啊! 領口完全是照書織的, 太ㄟ阿ㄋㄟ(怎麼會這樣)...

What to do? Although I know it would look totally professional with a full-fashioned button panel and button holes, I just didn't feel like reworking the neck portion. I decided to undo part of the seam along one side of the neck, and used crochet to add edging and button loops. And I found these little star buttons to go with it.

怎麼辦呢? 拆掉重新開釦洞會比較好看, 可是~實在是有點懶... 這件已經做了有夠久, 而且我還有其他好想織的projects... 於是決定用最快的方法, 把領口一邊縫線拆掉, 用鈎針織個邊和釦洞, 再縫上兩個星星釦子, 就這樣啦!

And yeah! Connor could finally try on the sweater! Although he was more interested in my camera...

耶! 卡比終於可以穿新衣囉! 不過他對我的相機比較有興趣...

Thursday, February 01, 2007

For My Little Star

Yarn: Rowan Cotton Glace (100% cotton), #809 Pier - 3 balls, #800 Bud - 1 ball, #725 Ecru - 1 ball (125 yd [115m] / 50g)
Pattern: Adorable Knits for Tots by Zoe Mellor
Needles: Addi Turbo US size 4 (3.5 mm) / 24" circular
Size: For 1-2 Yrs (Chest circumference 25" Length 13.5")
Start: November 6, 2006
Finish: January 31, 2007

線材: Rowan Cotton Glace (100% 棉), #809 淺藍 - 3 球, #800 淺綠 - 1 球, #725 乳白 - 1 球 (125 yd [115m] / 50g)
圖樣: Adorable Knits for Tots by Zoe Mellor
針號: 3.5 mm/60 cm 輪針
尺寸: 1~2歲 (胸圍25寸 長13.5寸)
開始: 2006/11/06
完成: 2007/01/31

Finally, I finished it. This is the first sweater I made for my baby boy Connor. I fell in love with it the first time I saw the book on the store shelves. Most people make baby clothes "before" the babies arrive. I procrastinated till now... feeling guilty... Actually I was still working before Connor was born. A really stressful job, 50-60 hours a week, day and night. Even though I put in all those overtime, our project was still lagging behind. All I can say is, our project planning was done very optimistically... At the time, I was lucky if I got enough sleep. I knitted, but just some easy, mindless scarves and ponchos. Looking back now, it was probably good that I didn't bother making clothes for Connor. Like all babies, he grew out of his clothes every 2-3 months. And during his infant stage, he spit up all the time. I usually had to change his clothes 3-4 times a day, did laundry almost every other day. I don't think my handknits can take this kind of abuse.

呼! 終於做好了... 這是我第一次織衣服給寶貝兒子Connor, 小名"卡比"(唸二聲 - 不想用"鼻"這個字, 像卡到鼻子... 嘻... ) 在店裡看到書時就好喜歡這件. 很多人可能在baby出生前就織好了小孩衣物, 我一件也沒織. 其實那時還在上班, 公司project忙到不行, 每週工作50~60小時, 進度還是趕不來, 壓力好大, 休息睡覺都來不及了, 自然織的也少. 再來, 小baby長大很快, 一件衣服可能穿不到2~3個月就太小了, 又容易弄髒. 卡比小時候吐奶吐的很兇, 常常一天內換三~四次衣服, 至少每兩天要洗一次衣服, 有些污垢還洗不掉. 怕手織品禁不起這樣洗, 所以心想等卡比大一點了再織吧!

This is also the first time I tried the intarsia technique. OMG! It is tedious! Lots of planning and counting blocks on the chart. And tons of loose ends. I counted, there were a total of 49 loose ends in this little sweater. 49! I know, there are a lot more sophisticated intarsia FOs out there, mine is easy compared to them. But this is about as much as I am willing to do. I will think twice before I embark on another intarsia project.

這是我第一次嘗試用intarsia的方法做顏色變化. 我的天啊! 實在是有夠囉嗦. 要先計劃好在什麼地方換線接線, 要算格子. 織好後線頭一大堆, 我算過啦, 整件衣服一共有49個線頭. 49個!! 下次除非是碰到超愛的樣子, 不然大概不會再輕易做這種麻煩的工.