Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Shimmer Shrug

Shimmer Shrug Front 1

Yarn: Filati Lame SinFlex (60% Tactel, 40% Sinflex), color #006 - 2 balls (163yd [150m] / 20g)
Pattern: Japanese Pattern Book すてきなミセス Spring&Summer (Let’s Knit series 手編み大好き)
Needles: Addi Turbo US size 10 1/2 (6.5mm) / 24" (60cm) circular
Size: Sleeve to sleeve across the back 23"
Duration: 2007/07/20 - 2007/07/31

線材: Filati Lame SinFlex (人造纖維 60% Tactel, 40% Sinflex), 色號#006 - 2 球 (163yd [150m] / 20g)
圖樣: 美麗優雅風編織服飾設計26款 / すてきなミセス Spring&Summer (Let’s Knit series 手編み大好き)
針號: 6.5mm/60cm 輪針
尺寸: 背寬兩袖距離58cm
製作日期: 2007/07/20 - 2007/07/31


This Sunday I will be attending my cousin Vivian's wedding reception in Chicago. Since nothing in my closet seemed to work (or look appealing at the moment...:D), two weeks ago I went out and bought a new dress. And to go with this dress, I decided to knit a shimmering shrug to glam it up a bit. This pattern is really simple, with only one easy lace pattern going throughout the whole garment. The difficulty lied with trying to knit slippery fingering-weight yarn with slippery chunky needles. I had such a hard time trying to do p2tog's and ssk's with the blunt tips of the regular Addi Turbo's. I basically had to break the p2tog's into a two step process similar to how you would do a ssk (i.e. slip the stitches over to the right needles so to loosen them up a bit, then insert the left needle into the stitches to do the p2tog.) It was so slow going, I almost regretted that I picked this yarn (or this project? Not sure...)

這個週末要到芝加哥參加堂妹維媛的婚宴. 看了看衣櫥, 實在是沒衣服可穿(或“想“穿... :D), 所以兩個禮拜前便買了一件新洋裝, 黑色細肩帶的. 買回家後想想, 覺得如果有條披肩來搭配應該不錯, 可是手邊有的顏色都不太適合. 翻書時看到這件小外套, 好啦, 就是它了! 圖樣非常簡單, 從頭到尾就是一個蕾絲花樣重複. 難在要用滑溜溜的粗針來織滑溜溜的細線, 要把那胖胖的針頭戳進兩個幾乎靠在一起, 緊貼著針的針目打併針, 實在是非常困難. 簡單的二上併一針也要分成幾個步驟來做 (先把兩針目滑到右針, 把針目弄鬆一點, 然後把左針插入兩針目來完成二上併針) 這樣織起來速度像龜爬一樣. 有幾次有點後悔, 不知是選錯線還是選錯樣子?...

Shimmer Shrug Front 2Shimmer Shrug Back
Shimmer Shrug Back HemFilati Lame SinFlex
Shimmer Shrug with Dress

This yarn is also stretchy and hard to keep shape. I blocked the pieces before seaming, and it still looks like it hasn't been blocked. The bottom edge of the hem still rolls inward although I stretched it out during blocking. I thought about adding either a ruffle edge or crochet one or two rows of sc border, but decided not to do anything yet. Well, first, I may not have enough time to finish it before Sunday. Second, I may not have enough yarn and I know I will be quite busy in the next few days that I won't be able to make a stop at the yarn store. So, this is it, for now. Although I wish the border/hem is more prominent, I think it looks okay this way too.

這組線蠻能撐的, 垂墜性很高, 但是織片的樣子儘管整型後仍不持久. 照片中是已經定型過了, 看起來還是像沒定型一樣. 定型時特意拉過了, 下襬的邊還是一直往內捲. 本來在考慮加個花邊或鉤個短針的邊, 想想還是暫時這樣就好. 一來, 我這幾天要準備打包出門, 很多事情要做, 要趕在星期六上飛機前做好, 不太可能. 二來, 剩下的線可能不太夠, 而我實在沒時間再跑一趟毛線店. 就先這樣吧. 本來希望緣邊寬一點, 花樣才看的清楚, 不過現在這個樣子也不賴啦.

Shimmer Shrug Sleeve

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Cheeky Pineapple Cap-Sleeve Bolero

Cheeky Pineapple Bolero Front

Yarn: Rowan 4-ply Cotton (100% cotton), #133 Cheeky - 3 balls (185yd [170m] / 50g)
Pattern: Courtesy of Margaret
Hooks: Boye D/3 - 3.25 mm
Size: chest circumference 34"
Duration: 2007/06/20 - 2007/07/07

線材: Rowan 4-ply Cotton (100% 棉), 色號#133 桃紅 - 3 球 (185yd [170m] / 50g)
圖樣: 感謝瑪格慷慨賜圖
針號: 3.25 mm
尺寸: 胸圍86cm
製作日期: 2007/06/20 - 2007/07/07

Cheeky Pineapple Bolero Back

I finally managed to finish this popular bolero. Huge thanks to Margaret for sharing the pattern!! I felt bad for the long delay in finishing this project. Margaret sent me the pattern a long time ago, and I have just now finished it. Sorry! I first tried to make it in white, and ran out of yarn. I searched all LYS's in the area, and couldn't find the extra ball of yarn I needed. I could have ordered it online, but I just don't feel like paying shipping for a $6.50 ball of yarn. Thus I decided to switch color. Fuchsia is usually not my top pick when it comes to colors. But several weeks ago when I was going through my closets, I realized that I have several sleeveless dresses in white or cream with pink/fuchsia/burgundy prints, that would look great with a fuchsia bolero. In the photos is one of the dresses, and I think the dress and the bolero look perfect as an outfit!

這件超人氣的小外套終於被我完成了! 感謝瑪格慷慨分享織圖, 讓我也能擁有這件美美小外套. 在此還要特地和瑪格説聲歹勢, 圖很早就拿到了, 拖到現在才完成, 不好意思捏! 之前本來是用白色線鉤的, 主體還沒鉤完線卻沒了, 後來在附近的毛線店找了一陣子也沒找到, 而我實在不想為了一球$6.50的線, 網購付$4-$6的運費, 於是決定換個顏色. 我通常是不會挑這麼鮮艷的桃紅色, 這次是因為整理衣櫃時突然發覺, 我有好幾件無袖洋裝都是乳白色的底, 上面印了粉紅, 桃紅, 或酒紅的花, 想説有件桃紅小外套來搭配應該是很不錯地, 個人覺得效果很好耶! :D

Cheeky Pineapple Bolero Hem

The pattern for this bolero is probably one of the most confusing I have seen. I started studying it as soon as I got it in the mail, and just wasn't sure how to start. At that time there were not yet any discussions in Margaret's blog about the starting instructions. I thought about it long and hard, and decided to just go ahead and do it the way I think it should be done (based on what I could decipher from the diagrams.) Hehe... what's the worst that could happen? Right?! If it was a mistake, then I'd just rip it out and start over. Maybe I would learn something new in the process. Actually my first attempt (the white UFO) was somewhat a mistake - it was too small! I used a 2.75mm hook to get gauge, but it was too narrow and tight at the shoulders (the original pattern was sized for young girls). The size was too big for a little girl, I think it would fit a teenage girl better. But I don't know any teenage girls. I may just have to rip it out and save the yarn for something else.

這件大概是目前為止看過織圖看來最霧沙沙的, 收到圖後就馬上開始研究, 真的是有點不太確定如何開始, 那時瑪格家還沒有大家的留言討論. 想了很久後決定照自己的想法動工, 反正照圖看它也只能往一個方向進行, 就鉤鉤看吧! 嘻嘻... 反正大不了織錯就拆嘛... 在織錯拆的過程裡也可以學到新東西哦! (至少知道下次不要犯同樣的錯誤... :D) 其實我原先沒鉤完的那件白色的就是錯誤的示範, 那時為了配合織片密度用了2.75mm的鉤針, 結果太小啦! 那個size給小女孩穿還太大, 給十幾歲的美少女可能剛好, 可惜身邊周圍沒有這種人物. 我想我應該會把它拆了吧?!

Cheeky Pineapple Bolero Sleeve

Monday, July 09, 2007

Bonsai Tunic

Bonsai Tunic FO

Yarn: Berroco Bonsai (97% bamboo, 3% nylon), #4110 Shibui Clay - 9 skeins (77yd [71m] / 50g)
Pattern: Interweave Knits Spring 2007
Needles: Addi Turbo US size 4 (3.5mm) / 32" (80cm) circular, Addi Turbo US size 6 (4mm) / 32" (80cm) circular
Size: chest circumference 34"
Duration: 2007/05/29 - 2007/07/04

線材: Berroco Bonsai (97% 竹纖維, 3% 尼龍), 色號#4110 Shibui Clay - 9 綑 (77yd [71m] / 50g)
圖樣: Interweave Knits 2007 春季版
針號: 3.5mm/80cm 和 4mm/80cm 輪針
尺寸: 胸圍86cm
製作日期: 2007/05/29 - 2007/07/04

Bonsai Tunic FO Top

I guess I am not quite happy with this FO. The pattern was clear, I had no problems following it. The knitting went smoothly as well. But I came to realize when I was knitting the front piece, that the finished garment would be quite heavy. The yarn itself is heavy, each skein has only 77 yards and weighs 50g. The size small I made required 9 skeins. I just weighed the garment, the whole thing is 428g. It felt thick and heavy when I tried it on, for which I am quite disappointed. One of the reasons why I decided to knit this project is the potential versatility, a garment that you could possibly wear all year long. Now that it is so heavy, wearing it during the summer is out of the question. I may have to wait till late fall to actually wear it. Well, another lesson learned. This is something I could have foreseen when I chose the yarn. I just got too excited in the midst of a yarn sale, you understand.

這件織來不太滿意... 其實過程很順利, 織法寫的也算詳細, 沒有遇到什麼大問題. 後片織完時還沒有什麼特別感覺, 前片織到一半時忽然驚覺 ~ ㄟ 這件衣服很重耶! 線本身就重, 一綑才71m就50g, 整件衣服要用9綑耶!! 剛剛量了一下, 整件成品是428g, 穿著身上只覺得好厚重, 非常失望... 當初會想要織這件就是覺得它應該春夏秋冬都合穿, 就看裡面怎麼搭配 (小可愛, 短袖T恤, 長袖襯衫... ). 現在這個樣子, 夏天是不可能穿它了, 會熱死... 秋天嗎, 也要等到晚秋... 只能怪自己後知後覺, 這種事應該買線時就要想到. 誰叫我那時遇到線線特價, 興奮過度, 只想著把它搬回家, 卻忽視了這線本身的缺點.

Bonsai Tunic FO Top Closeup

I made modifications to the length of the garment. I felt the original length would be too much for me. The waist ribbing was reduced from 3 1/2" to 3". The lower body was reduced from 10" to 8 3/4". Everything else is pretty much per pattern.

這件衣服的長度我改了一點, 覺得原來的樣子對我來説太長了. 腰部的鬆緊編我從3 1/2英寸改成3英寸. 下半身從10英寸改成8 3/4英寸, 這樣比較剛好(也是偷懶, 少織一點... :D)

Bonsai Tunic FO Bottom Closeup

With all that said, I still like the lace patterns and the color of the yarn. If I can start over, I think a lightweight cotton-blend yarn would have been a better choice. The pattern is not difficult, it's just the hot weather making me impatient. I spent only about 1 hour, sometimes 2, everyday on this project. Even the 64" I-cord belt, which is so easy yet so boring, took me one week to finish. To get myself to finish it, I decided not to publish another posting until I am done with this project... haha... it still took me more than a month. Although in the meantime, I finished another crochet bolero, just haven't had time to block it yet, it will be the next posting.

不過這花樣和顏色我是都還蠻喜歡的啦! 如果能重來(哈哈... 不可能的事), 挑個輕的棉線應該就很好了. 花樣不難織, 只是天氣實在太熱, 心情浮躁, 再加上已可預料的結果(不滿意), 每天都織一點點就丟到一旁去了. 這段期間為了激勵自己來完成它, 決定沒有成品不發文... 哈哈, 還是被我拖了一個多月. 你們相信嗎? 光是那條64英寸長的I-cord腰帶, 我硬是花了一個星期才打好. 打到後來實在很無聊, 強強要睏去... 當然, 這期間為了不讓自己無聊至死, 也是我三心二意的壞習慣, 又鉤了一件小外套. 已經鉤好了, 還沒整燙, 過兩天再給大家看喔.