Saturday, December 23, 2006


Hello! After being gone for more than one week, I am back. We just got in last night from Maui, a pre-Christmas vacation. Although I had a good night sleep, I still feel a bit tired from the trip. I'll share some pictures after I get a chance to go through them.

我回來啦!去茂宜島玩了一個星期, 昨晚剛到家. 連行李都來不及打開, 先睡一覺再說. 雖是睡了一個好覺, 今天還是覺得有點累. 等照片整理出來再和大家分享.

Before I went on the trip, I sent out my beloved Tiger Eye Scarf and Cable Clutch Bag to my friends so that they would receive the packages before Christmas. I also added Soak Wool Wash, body cream, and candies/chocolates.

為了讓包裹在聖誕節前寄到, 出門前就把虎眼圍巾麻花包包這兩樣禮物寄出去了. 隨包裹附上Soak羊毛冷洗精, 身體乳霜, 和一盒蜂蜜糖果/巧克力.

I also dug out my rubber stamping supplies and made two cards.

還把我的橡皮圖章找出來, 自己作了兩張卡片.

I miss rubber stamping! It used to be all I do during my free time before the baby came. And now, it is just not as convenient as knitting. To actually be able to make anything, I need to bring out all these supplies (and these are just "some" of the things I have...) As you can see, it takes both space and time (to make cards and to clean up too.) Knitting can be done anywhere, and any time, be it 10 minutes in the car or 2 hours watching TV - more doable with a baby around. I am happy though to find out that my ink pads did not dry out - yeah! I haven't touched them for at least a year and half now...

已經好久沒有機會玩橡皮圖章了... 在生baby之前, 有空就會自己作卡片. 現在呢, 實在是沒有時間和空間. 你看我做這兩張卡片就需要這麼多東西(這些還是基本的), 和一張大桌子. 做完後還要花時間收拾. 所以啦, 現在比較專心織毛線. 毛線到處隨時都可以打, 在車上, 在家裡, 在飛機上, 就算只有10分鐘, 還是可以打. 也不需要搬這麼多東西出來. 不過還是希望等baby大一點後(不會跟媽咪搶"玩具"), 可以重拾這個嗜好.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas!