Monday, November 06, 2006

Blocking Ribwarmer

I finished the main body of the ribwarmer last night, and put it on the blocking board - well, it was too long for my self-made blocking board so I had to borrow my son's playmats. I used all of my T-pins, plus some small ball-point pins. This is the first time I tried to block a real cable pattern (the last time was a one-stitch cable which was easy), and I had to really stretch out the fabric to get the measurement. As of now (15 hours later), it is still a bit damp. Hopefully I can take it off the blocking board tonight, and start sewing it up. And then just the outer band and the armhole bands, it'll be done!

This ribwarmer (really a cropped vest) has very unique construction. I didn't quite understand how to put it all together when I first started reading the pattern. Now that it is taking shape, I think it will be interesting to sew it up and see what it will look like.

This is the right back (the bottom rectangle) and the right shoulder (the small rectangle on the top.)
This is the left back and the left shoulder.
This is just me playing with different camera angle...