Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Dayflower Scarf - Test Knit

Last week, I finished one pattern repeat of the Dayflower Scarf. And I realized, you know, I don't really like the way it looks. I mean, it's a pretty lace pattern, but I am bothered by the wavy edges it creates. I know it is one of the characteristics of this pattern. But, people who are not familiar with knitting are going to think that I either did a poor job knitting it or I skimped on blocking. I think it will look beautiful with more repeats in a larger panel, as a shawl or a stole. Since this is going to be a gift, I decided to switch patterns.

I will probably switch to Tiger Eye Scarf. I really love this lace pattern, but I thought the scarf may be too wide with this yarn gauge (20sts=4"). It may knit up to be 7-8" wide. I'll try and see how it goes.
BTW, I learned of both scarves from TKA. Hmmm... maybe I should join them...