Wednesday, November 15, 2006

In English and In Chinese 中英文的部落格

I have been wanting to try posting in Chinese. I even thought about having a Chinese blog and an English blog. But having postings in two different places and maintaining both will be a challenge. Then I saw Wakana's blog. She is writing in both English and Japanese. And I thought her blog looks fabulous. Thus this is my attempt to do the same...

一直想看看中文在這裏post出來是什麼樣子... 甚至還想過中英文部落格各開一個. 可是如果文章分兩邊又太麻煩. 後來看到Wakana的部落格, 覺得用兩種語言來寫也不錯. 就來試試看吧!

With Chinese being my mother tongue, sometimes I feel only using Chinese can accurately describe my thoughts. But sometimes using English has its advantages (such as knitting patterns...), it's quicker and shorter.

中文是我的母語. 有的時候覺得用中文實在是比較貼切. 有的時候用英文反而快. 像寫編織pattern的時候, 覺得用英文比較快又簡單. 不過最主要還是看心情吧!

I finished the ribwarmer yesterday but haven’t had a chance to organize the photos, thus I don’t have new pictures to post today. Thought I’ll share a little bit of fall with you. This is a picture of a small Japanese maple tree in front of my old house.

Ribwarmer 已經織好了, 但照片還沒整理出來. 這張是在以前舊家照的, 門前的一棵小楓樹. 想現在也應該早已經變紅了吧?!