Monday, January 22, 2007

My Birthday Gifts

My dear sister, always knows what I need or want. I was not expecting anything more, as she already told me that she and my mom are going to chip in and get me the Tilli Tomas yarn for Sahara as my birthday gift. Thus when my brother-in-law handed me this gift, it was a real surprise. It is a yarn swift! And he made it himself! Thanks, Dan!

我親愛的老姊真是了解我, 永遠知道我想要或需要什麼. 今年我的生日她早早就跟我說了, 她和我媽一起送我Tilli Tomas的純絲線 (織Sahara用的). 所以當姊夫拿出這個yarn swift送我時, 真的是個surprise. 而且是他自己做的哦! 非常感動....

I have been waiting to buy a yarn swift and ball winder combo for a long time. But they are not cheap. Plus most of the LYS offer free winding services with yarn purchases. So it's easy to just keep putting it off and use a pillow or the back of a chair instead, while I spend more on yarn and needles... ;) The timing of this gift was perfect, as I was just about to unwind the Tilli Tomas Rock Star for Sahara.

其實想買yarn swiftball winder想很久了, 只是實在不便宜. 而且只要有買線, 大部分商家都會免費捲線. 所以就一直拖延沒買, 想省錢 (針和毛線倒是買了不少... 嘿嘿... ) 這次這個禮物來的正是時候, 我正需要把Tilli Tomas Rock Star綑成球來織Sahara的下襬.

Another peek at Sahara, I am knitting the hem.
Sahara目前進度, 正在織下襬.

Also the Top-Down Raglan Cardi in Patons SWS "Natural Earth":
TKA project #14 拉克蘭外套 (用線是Patons SWS "Natural Earth"):