Friday, January 05, 2007

Sahara Progress I

Per my KAL partner's (my dear sis) request, I'll share with you my progress on Sahara. I am knitting a size S in the long-sleeve version. Now I am approaching the 2nd Dec Row for Waist Shaping, a bit faster than I thought after 4 days of work (no complaints!) I am using the same yarn as the pattern suggested - Tilli Tomas Pure & Simple and Rock Star in Atmosphere. My stitch gauge is spot on, so I didn't have to make any adjustments. However, the row gauge was a bit short on my gauge swatch. I am the type who likes to follow row-count when it is given (I guess I am not that free-spirited...) So, when I started knitting the garment, I kept reminding myself to knit a bit loosely. Per pattern, unplied silk stretches with wear. And silk drapes too. I am just a bit worried about "how much" it is going to stretch and drape? With my progress so far, if I lay it flat and measure it stretched, I can get the same measurements as the pattern. If I don't stretch it, then it is a bit short. I am hoping with the weight of the entire garment and the beads along the bottom hem, that it will stretch and drape to the perfect size for me after the whole thing is done... Haha.... I might be dreaming...

應讀者(嗯哼... 我姐)要求, 上來報告一下Sahara的進度. 我織的是長袖S小號, 目前快織到腰部第二個減針的地方, 比我想像中的快. 用的線和pattern推薦線一樣, 密度也很接近, 所以織起來很順利. 唯一有點擔心的是, 據pattern上寫的, 這純絲線很能撐, 織片看起來可能有點小, 可是穿在身上後會撐大... 可是它能撐多大呢? 還有, 絲線會墜. 我的織片段數密度其實比pattern少一點點, 可是針數一樣, 所以真正開始織時, 一直提醒自己線不要拉太緊, 希望這樣密度會比較接近. 織到現在, 如果我把它放平拉一拉後再量, 尺寸就和pattern上寫的一樣. 如果沒拉, 就會比較短一點點. 希望織好後, 衣服和下擺珠珠的重量會把它拉長到剛剛好... ;D 哈哈... 有這麼好康的事嗎?!